All program curriculum can be customized to the unique needs of your group.


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Curriculum: Social Graces - Manners, Social Dancing and Intro to Dining Etiquette
Duration: 60-90 mins
Investment: Approximately $15 per child  /per hour(10 children minimum)


Social Dancing

Dance to slow and fast music of every type of music genre from 1940s -2000s to be versatile enough to dance to Big Band, Rock and Roll, Slow Love Ballads, Top 40 and Hip Hop music. Useful for parties and special events. Get prepared for bar/bat mitzvah, Quinceanera, prom, Father/Daughter Tea Dances, Wedding Honors Dance with Parents (Father/Daughter and Mother/Son)
Learn Swing, Fox Trot, Foxy, Merengue and others if you desire.

Social Dance Etiquette

Roles – Partnership and Teamwork - Leading vs Following

Spins, Twirls, Travelling

Tempo – using age appropriate contemporary music

Posture and composed Walking

Leading vs Following


Dining Manners Workshop

Interest List forming now!

Investment: $40 per hour/per child (min 5 ppl)

Special offer: $35 per hour/per child if you form the group

Time: 4 hours

Ages: 6 and up

Day: Friday, Saturday or Sunday evenings

Location: hosted in Alexandria, VA 22304

Contact us:

Does your child eat with his/her mouth open?

Does your child put his/her fingers in their mouths?

Does your child remove his/her retainer at the table?

Is your child restless at the table?

Does your child discuss distasteful topics?

Does your child hold the utensils incorrectly?

Is your child able to assist you daily with setting the table?

Has mealtime become frustrating and tense?

Do your child's dining manners embarass you at social functions?

Does your child talk with food in his/her mouth?

Then this workshop might be perfect for your child!

Includes a family meeting with parents in a formal living room and then a 4 course formal dinner for the children served by "Butler Brian" in a formal dining room featuring fine crystal, silver, china and linens and 4 hours of Dining Manners and Table Etiquette instruction from Deborah Block, a nationally certified protocol and special events instructor with 17 years of experience teaching children.


Community Charm School

Curriculum: 9 hour program includes the following topics:

  • Introductions
  • First Impressions & Body Language
  • Public Speaking
  • Social Dance : Partner Dancing
  • Thank you notes and Gratitude
  • Dynamic conversation skills
  • Setting an informal and formal table
  • General table manners introduction
  • Parents Showcase

We welcome parental input if you have any suggestions about these specific topics. We will make every effort to weave them into the curriculum. Feel free to email us with your ideas.

Ages: 1st grade and up

Dates: November - April ( Interest list now forming), exact dates TBA

Day: 3 Saturdays (so parents can enjoy a date night!)
Time: Saturday nights 6-9pm
Location:  Alexandria, VA

Investment: $270 for 9 hours of instruction ($30 per hour/per child) if we form the group.

Special Offers: $225 for 9 hours of instruction ($25 per hour/per child) if you form the group.
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Dress Requirement: dressy casual for all lessons and dressy for final Showcase

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4. We will follow up with you personally to answer questions, solicit your input and provide additional location details.


Princess Tea Party

Total Time: 3 hours

Ages: 5 and up

# of Participants: 5 minimum

Includes: Formal decor, silver, crystal and china

Dining etiquette and table manners instruction

"High" Tea beverage, finger sandwiches and desserts.


Cinderella at the Ball dance lessons including curtsies

Princess themed Arts and Crafts

Date: weekends

Investment: $30 per child/per hour - 3 hours total

Optional: gift bags or birthday cake (additional charge) or you can provide your own at no extra charge


CEO Camp

Do you want to own your own business? Do you want to be a CEO without having to get an MBA or spend 20 years working your way up a corporate ladder?

Are you inspired by self made entrepreneurs? Do you think you have what it takes? Do you think you know what it takes? What is your tolerance for risk? What are the sacrifices? What are the rewards? Where is the glory? This cutting edge program will help you:

1. Establish a vision for your company and pitching it to others - Public Speaking :30 second elevator pitch

2. Understand the value of mentors and internships and how to find paid and unpaid ones nationwide on your own.

3. Potential Pitfalls

4. Interview and network with Presidents and CEOs

5. Strategize using Business Plans

6. Understand how to implement your idea by: Raising Capital, Marketing, Hiring, Outsourcing, Leveraging your labor

7. The art of Networking which includes, Social Dance, Dining Etiquette, First Impressions: Dressing for Success, Appropriate Conversation Topics, Introductions. 70% of  professional success is determined by your pesonal relationships. Your "soft" skills are a mandatory social and professional reality - not an elective.

Date: Interest List forming now for 2014 Workshops or we can host a private camp exclusively for your group by appointment.

Location: serving Metro DC area

Total Time: 16 hours

Time: weekends anytime (exact details TBA)

Investment: $30 per hour / per child


Dating Etiquette 101

Date: Interest List forming now for Winter 2014 Workshop or we can host one just for your group by appointment.

Location:Metro DC area

Curriculum: Basic Dining Manners Intro, Social Dance Intro, Dating etiquette, Wholesome date ideas, safe and respectful relationships

Total Time: 4 hours

Date: weekends anytime

Investment:$25 per hour/per child


Prom Preparation

Date: Interest List forming now for2014 Workshops or we can host one just for your group by appointment.

Location: Metro DC area

Curriculum: Basic Dining Manners Intro, Social Dance Intro, Dating etiquette intro

Total Time: 3 hours

Date: Saturdays 4-7 or Sundays 3-6

Investment:$30 per hour/per child if you join our group and $25 per hour/ per child if you provide the group.
Next workshop: March 22, 2014, 4-7pm



Date: Contact us today to set up an appointment for your group.

Location: Metro DC area

Curriculum: Basic Dining Manners Intro, Party Hostess Etiquette, Thank you Notes, Latin Dance Intro: Valz, Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Falther/lDaughter, Group Routine

Total Time: depends on package

Date: Saturdays 4-7 or Sundays 3-6

Investment: $25 per hour/ per child and you provide the group. Extra charge may apply for an additional customized group routine request:

The Quinceanera or Fiesta de Quince signals the transition from childhood to young womanhood. We can help her sparkle in the spotlight during her Waltz and dance all night long to merengue, salsa, cumbia and bachata along with Top 40 music. In addition to being introduced to society as a debutante, expectations are raised as she will take on more responsibilities and begin to develop a vision for her future goals. We offer the social skills programs (listed above) so that a Quinceanera is not only a religious experience, lovely celebration and a right of passage but also a conscious preparation toward adulthood. We offer Social Dancing, Table Manners, Charm School and CEO Camp. Social skills are a mandatory social reality and these "soft" skills will certainly pave the road toward professional and personal success! Back to Basics provides Leadership, Life Skills & Social Skills Enrichment coaching for youth of all ages in the DC Metro Area.


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