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Do you or someone you know have big dreams or need help daring to dream? Are you going through a transition in life and confused about your next steps? Are you shy in social, academic or professional situations where public speaking or networking are necessary? Are you struggling to connect romantically? Is social protocol a mystery too you? Do you know how to develop your public image? Are you trying to launch a business but don't know where to start? Nervous about asking for a promotion or raise? Deborah Block is the founder of Back to Basics and has 17 years of life skills coaching experience with children and adults. She is passionate about helping you tap into your passion and break free of your limitations!

Social skills and life skills are a mandatory social reality and mastering these "soft" skills paves the road toward professional and personal success! Back to Basics provides Leadership, Life Skills & Social Skills Enrichment coaching for all ages in the DC Metro Area. Private life coaching for adults is available via video chat. 

Learn how you can benefit! Call Deborah Block today at 703.626.7016. Check out our Success Stories for both adults and children! And check out Deborah Block's bio to see why she is qualified to help you reach for the stars and capture them!

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