Curriculum: Social Graces

Back to Basics empowers participants to adeptly navigate today’s fast-paced, digital world while preserving timeless expressions of courtesy and compassion. Students explore the simple pleasures of human interaction. Good manners and proper personal presentation is a necessity in today's increasingly competitive society.

  • Introductions, Networking and Meeting New People
  • How to be Scintillating!
  • Be a Polite Guest and Gracious Host
  • International vs Continental Dining
  • Table Manners & Setting an Informal vs Formal Table
  • Social dance etiquette and hygiene
  • Slow and Fast Social Partner Dancing Teamwork concepts
  • Eye contact, Good posture and composure
  • Ballroom, Latin and Swing dance footsteps and twirls
  • Floorcraft: Navigating Around Others & Travelling in the Line of Dance
  • Dance Roles: Leading versus Following
  • Understanding Music Tempo for Dancing
  • Values Based Dating 101 & 3 Critical Traits for a Successful Relationship
  • Appropriate Social Conversation Topics and Tactics
  • Charity & Community Involvement
  • Creative Homemade Cardcrafting
  • Thoughtful Homemade Gift Making & Wrapping skills
  • Culinary classes: meal preparation
  • Tastings: Chocolate, Cheese, Honey

“I was so excited when Back to Basics was brought to STMCS! The Dining segment of the course has really helped my daughters be more considerate and conscious of their behavior at meal times. They are eager to practice their skills and are more receptive to reinforcement.” – Mary Sifferman, Mother of Clare and Riona (2nd grade)

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