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Curriculum: The program will include a selection of some of the following topics and are customized to your school's unique needs::



  • Introductions
  • Thank you notes and Gratitude
  • General Telephone Manners - Answering, Conversation and Taking Messages
  • Basic table manners intro
  • Introcuction to Dining Manners
  • Being a gracious host and guest at social functions.
  • Getting Comfortable with Public Speaking
  • Cell phone and texting etiquette
  • Being a good sport and spectator


Life Skills:

  • First Impressions & Body Language
  • Public Speaking
  • Dynamic conversation skills
  • How to be a good Friend: Humility, Accepting Compliments, Thougtfullness, Apologizing
  • Leadership
  • Setting and recognizing a multi-course dining table
  • Dealing with bullies

Social Dance:

  • Social Dance : Etiquette, Hygiene, Posture, Frame, Leading and Following Teamwork using Slow and Fast Partner Dancing using age appropriate music.

The last class is the Back to Basics Showcase for Parents!

We welcome parental suggestions about these specific topics or topics you would like to see included in the future, we will make every effort to weave them into the curriculum. Feel free to email us with your ideas.



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phone: 703.732.4846


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